The Future is Vintage: Castle Emporium

Whether you live in Cardiff, or are new to it, the Castle Emporium proves the perfect symbol of the city – modern, but with a charmingly vintage core.

Located on Womanby Street, this collection of quirky, independent shops is the perfect way to spend an afternoon

The Cardiff Castle Emporium presents a curious study in contrasts. What greets you on entry is Wales’ very first bitcoin ATM, where you can convert cash into digital currency. The Emporium features shops dedicated to vintage clothes, gothic jewelry and quirky, handmade stationary and postcards – a true trip to the past!

Follow the stairs to the Darkside Gallery, dedicated to portraits of horror, fiction and the macabre. However, you will find it hard to fight positive vibes and smile as you go downstairs into Heads Above the Waves, a charity shop dedicated to upliftment and improvement of mental health.

Get your hair cut at one of Wales’ smallest barber shops, with just enough place for one customer. A small reading nook, surrounded by old volumes, is perfect for rainy afternoons. The Cardiff Skateboard Club features walls of brightly colored skateboards, helmets and everything you need to start zipping around the city in a fun mode of transport.

Try your hand with digital currency at Wales’ very first (and still only) two-way bitcoin ATM
Smile and feel empowered on seeing the row of positivity posters at Heads Above the Waves
Fortify your inner goth at this vintage shop with antique jewelry and decorations
“I wanted to be different from everyone else!” says Sophia, owner and barber at one of Wales’ smallest yet coziest barber shops
The Darkside Gallery is dedicated to horror, fantasy and the macabre, because “Everyone pains pretty scenery. I paint darkness”, says Dan, owner and artist
Fortify your inner goth at this vintage shop with antique jewelry and decorations
The Sho Gallery wishes to take you back to the days of handmade postcards, personalized pins, and colorful stationary.
A high school field trip experiences the positive, crazy vibes of Heads Above the Waves
A row of skateboards gleam of adrenaline and thrill at Cardiff Skateboard Club, where zipping around the city is very much a reality