Get Your Nails Done With the Best Nail Geeks in Town

Planning to go out on a Saturday and you want your nails to match your dress? Or do you have a bad habit of nail biting but wish to have pretty nails like everyone else? Whichever you are, Nail Geeks is definitely the nail salon worth visiting.

The salon, located on 44 Crwys road, stands out from the crowd thanks to its big signboard and a colour scheme of white black and yellow visible from outside.
Though the nail art trend just started booming around 5 years ago, Nails Geeks Cardiff has been around for 9 years, making it one of the oldest nail salon in Cardiff. Upon entering, you can’t help but feel welcomed by the nice and cosy atmosphere.
A row of bright yellow chairs is aligned along a white long table. The walls are decorated with pictures of nail designs spoiling you on choices on how to get your nails done.

Hundreds of designs to choose from

Nail Geeks understand that when in comes to nails everybody is different. Some people have a very bad habit of nail biting and some people’s nails are just very brittle, snaps easily and never reach that perfect length. That’s why, they offer a wonderful service called the acrylic extension.
So by getting an acrylic extension, your nails will be given an extra length, which looks just like natural nails! You can have the length for as long as you want to and have them shaped any way you want.
In the process of getting extensions. Can you tell that the nail in my middle finger is fake?

Now when I came to the store, I came with 3 nails that were bitten till the very core. So I decided to get extensions on these three nails. These extensions could last on your finger for months, so I thought the whole process was going to take very long, but I was surprised to see that it only took 15 minutes! The extension material is also very similar to our nails so that it looks very real and very natural. Nobody would know that those aren’t real!
before the extension

after the extension

After getting the extensions done you will be given hundreds of colours and design for your nails. Colours range from light, dark, neon, matte, metallic, they do it all. You can also choose between regular nail polish which lasts for a few days, or gel nail polish which can last for more than a month.
Since Christmas is a month away, nail geeks also offer many Christmas designs to choose from. Displayed in a very adorable small Christmas tree, from Father Christmas to a simple but stunning snowflake, you can have it all drawn to your nail.
Special Christmas designs starting from 1 Pound per nail

I decided to skip the Christmas design (for now) and go for a pink metallic look that’ll give your nails a pearly look. The polishing was done very quickly and was done before I knew it. The result was also very neat, you could tell that the nail artists are very professional.
Pearly whites!

I definitely recommend this place and will come back in the future to try many other services and nail designs that they do. It is advised that you book an appointment before coming since the place is usually full, especially on weekends.
Price list:
Natural tip extensions      £35
Gel Mani                          £30
Gel Pedi                           £30
Express false nails           £22.50
Nail art                             £1 per nail
Swarovski Crystals          £8.50 per nail
Star Rating
Service          ☆☆☆☆
Atmosphere   ☆☆☆☆☆
Price              ☆☆☆☆☆