Gift your loved ones the thrill of their lives this Christmas            

There is little that comes close to gifting motor enthusiasts an opportunity of their lifetime to drive high end cars.

On lookers at the stall eyeing cars and taking pictures

Car lovers in Cardiff get the opportunity to ride their favourite supercars and monster trucks as local motor vehicle company sells discounted vouchers at the Cardiff City Centre.

This year is the first time that Car Chase Heroes have decided to set-up a stall in front of the Capitol on the Queen Street and give the walker-bys a chance to buy vouchers for themselves or their family and friends.It is almost impossible to walk around the marketplace and miss out on the sight of a massive hot-rod truck with flames painted on it

Firestone monster truck

Mrs. Hayes who bought two vouchers for her family members says that her husband is a “truck driver but not that kind of truck. He’s going to be over the moon. So I was just walking past and thinking what I can get him besides a dressing gown?”

Mrs. Haye buying vouchers for her family

She carries on to say “you can sit at home in the evening and think, but something unusual like this where they’ve set it up and it just gets something going in your brain and you think that’s a very good idea.”

Over the past two days, the sight of fancy vehicles have seduced around 150 shoppers at the City Centre to sign up for this thrilling experience of getting behind the wheels of an Ariel, GTR or a Ferrari.

Weasly Knight, Business Consultant for Car Chase Heroes said “it’s all about a local community.” Adding, “So many people buy Christmas presents from department stores.”

“By doing something like this is an experience, and one that you’ll probably never forget for the rest of your life. When you get the opportunity to drive a quarter of a million pound Ferrari or a very special car that’s one of the fastest British cars in the world, like GTR Nismo it’s a unique thing, it’s something different.”

Ariel (Race car)

Prices range from £39 for one voucher to £99 for three vouchers that can be availed at any time within a year. The event is ongoing and will end on 9 December 2017, 8:00pm. The company can also be contacted on their Facebook account: @Car Chase Heroes.