Global Justice Now keeps fighting against TTIP

Global Justice Now is campaigning against TTIP in the UK
Global Justice Now is campaigning against TTIP in the UK. ©GlobalJusticeNow

Global Justice Now pursues its fight against TTIP through a public meeting in Cardiff to raise awareness of the negative impact it would have on our societies.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a series of trade negotiations involving both the EU and the US mainly carried out in secret. If ratified, it will reduce the regulatory barriers in domains such as food safety law, environmental legislation, pharmaceutical industry and much more.

Ed Lewis, Global Justice Now’s groups officer, says: “TTIP is capitalism on steroids basically. It’s an attack to our democracy.”

TTIP has been widely criticized these past months in Europe with 250,000 people protesting against it in Berlin in October and 3 Million Europeans, including 500,000 British, signing the petition to stop TTIP negotiations.Global Justice Now

The public meeting organized last Saturday in the Temple of Peace in Cardiff allowed the audience to have a broad perspective on the topic and included speakers such as Maude Barlow, national spokesperson from the Council of Canadians and Yash Tandon, Ugandan trade expert.

Steve Huxton, member of Global Justice Cardiff, says: “We want to make Cardiff and Wales a TTIP free-zone and we need your help to do so.”