Got Beef: Cardiff's Burger Joint

Two years after opening, Got Beef is continue to amaze its guests with its freshly made burgers.

The Heisenburger and Dirty Fries

We have all had a burger before, but there is something quite different about the mouth-watering, homemade meals found at Cardiff’s very own Got Beef.
The restaurant, which is regularly listed as one of the top burger joints in Wales, opened in 2014, after it existed for two years as a pop-up business and touring food truck.
Got Beef, found on Whitchurch Road, has scores of raving reviews on TripAdvisor and a regular stream of likes on social media.

The open kitchen allows diners to watch as owner Cai and his team of chefs freshly prepare burgers, which are made with Black Beef meat from a farm in North Wales and loaded with original toppings and sauces.
The restaurant itself is inviting – a clean and open space with tall windows and wooden décor.
We visited very early on a Wednesday evening as only large groups can book a table, and were the first seated for dinner. However, the room soon filled with other diners, proving its popularity.
First we ordered our drinks – a Harry Bromptons Alcoholic Ice Tea (£3.70) and a Pistonhead Swedish Lager (£3.00) – both very welcome and refreshing after a long day, however there was little description on the drinks menu, leaving us unsure what we were ordering.
A wide range of drinks were available

With no starters available, we chose our main course from a varied menu. The ‘Heisenburger’ (£7.95), claimed to be their most popular dish, was topped with blue cheese, drunken blue (yes literally blue) onions and crispy bacon, inspired by the American TV series ‘Breaking Bad’. The ‘Soprano’ burger (£7.95) was topped with bacon, chorizo, Monterey Jack cheese and Jalapeno mayo.
The burgers were beautifully presented on a slate board. However, as wonderful as the toppings were, the best part of the meal was the burger itself, lean and well-cooked meaty goodness.
The drunken onions were literally blue!

At Got Beef, the burgers are served without fries, however, the prices are reasonable enough to order a decent sized side dish without feeling ripped off. With plain fries at just £2.00, I decided to go all out and order the ‘Dirty Fries’ (£3.50) which were topped with melted cheese, bacon bits, jalapenos and chipotle sauce, and were definitely a little bit naughty.
Following our dinner, we had no room for dessert, but Got Beef does provide ice cream flavours of the week for its sweet-toothed guests.
Got Beef has a ‘hipster’ twist to its restaurant, focussing on perfecting its burger speciality, but overall provides a warm, welcoming environment to enjoy good, fresh food, provided by friendly and attentive staff.
Rating: 4 star