Happy Gathering: The best Cantonese restaurant in canton

Happy Gathering that is the longest-running Cantonese restaurant in Canton, why has it been so popular over the years?

The outside of Happy Gathering that is traditional red

Canton is an inner-city district and community in the west of Cardiff, capital of Wales, lying 2 miles west of the city’s civic center. There is a famous Cantonese restaurant in Canton and almost people know it existence in Cardiff. The restaurant is Happy Gathering.

Win Griggiths opened Happy Gathering on 22nd April 1985. It has been thirty-three years old and is the oldest Cantonese restaurant in Canton and even Cardiff. This restaurant has received rave reviews and is recommended in the food list almost every year.

“In the past 33 years, we have had deep feeling for it.” said manager

This restaurant has received rave reviews and is recommended in the food list almost every year that very famous in the canton area, it is a good place for locals to meet with the older generation of Cantonese in the UK.

The window was covered with signs of recommendation

The overall tone of the restaurant is warm, the walls are yellow, the tables, chairs and decorations are red and gold. The Chinese elements are very obvious, there are many red lanterns on the roof, with golden Chinese “FU” that meaning lucky. There is also a very traditional word “XI” on the wall, which is happiness, and the relief of the dragon and the phoenix.

80s decoration style

During this visit, I was fortunate enough to meet the manager of this restaurant. He told me that this store also has many stars to visit, for example, Ronnie O’Sullivan who is the famous snooker player, Wesley Snipes who is the actor and played the Expendables 3 and so on. In addition, the manager told me Ronnie O’Sullivan often come to eat. The reason why it is so popular is not only the price and the taste but also the quality service. In addition without the part-time students, the full-time employees are older elders who know the dishes very well.

authentic cantonese cuisine