All that you need to look out for at the Grangetown World Market

Eat traditional Welsh food with an Asian-inspired twist or buy halal perfumes and Islamic ornaments at the Grangetown Winter Market.

Picture from last year’s market

The Grangetown World Market which aims to promote independent local businesses in Grangetown is all set with another community event on the 1st December 2018. This market began in July 2017 and has been successful in its mission so far. There are usually two markets, one in July and one in December. The Winter markets are always planned to fall on SmallBizSatUK . The event tomorrow begins at11 AM in the car park at St. Patrick’s Primary School.

Since the previous World Market on 22nd July could not be held because of bad weather conditions, the one tomorrow has gone a step ahead with its planning. Marketing students from Cardiff Business School brainstormed throughout August this year to generate ideas and strategies for people to shop locally. It also has an alternate option of an indoor hall in case the weather goes out of hand again.

Students whose ideas were used for the market this time

If you are a connoisseur of art, you can visit Prith Biant for Frieda Kahlo specialities and soothing paintings.

If you are in the Christmas mood you can buy Christmas decorations from Joanna Chittenden and Art Fandini. Snuggly Squirrel also sells Christmas tree decorations along covered mugs and knitted items.

To cater to your fashion needs you can visit the trendy and chic Trash Chic, or you can buy some hand-made accessories by Rhian Kate. You can even buy those halal perfumes from Scents of Arabia.

One of the stalls at the market – Trash Chic

Fixes for those food cravings can be found at  Cater Nature for vegan and vegetarian food, Chilli Of The Valley for hot sauces and pickles, Sweetbox for Halal sweets, and many more.

You can see the entire list of stalls on the Love Grangetown website – Love Grangetown.

Goodies from Love Grangetown

It will be an overall lively experience with music played by local artists and fun activities like tombola, lucky dip, and raffles hosted by the community.

Apart from the fun and frolic, the event would also raise money to build the Grange Pavilion through games, and some of the local shop owners like Joanna Chittenden will also raise a percentage of their profits to charities. Stalls like Women Connect First will serve tasty food while serving the initiative of women empowerment.

The market is currently looking for volunteers to help in setting up the stalls. So if you want to be more involved, you can turn up at 8:00 AM tomorrow and get to know these cool people and drink free coffee.


(All the pictures have been taken from GTownWM from twitter)