History and heroics: The Art of Memory

A lighthouse in the middle of Roath Park is a tribute to a heroic voyage that was taken to the South Pole by a team of immensely brave sea voyagers on the ship Terra Nova in 1910. This was an expedition to the Antarctic which features a stark contrast to the calm and serene waters of the lake in the Park. The Lighthouse is known as the Captain Scott Memorial and was presented to the City in the year 1918 by John Smith Clockmakers of Derby. It features a plaque with the names of all those who lost their lives during this expedition.

The Captain Scott Memorial Stands tall at the heart of Roath Park.

The plaque with names of all those who perished at the sea during the expedition.

A miniature of Terra Nova sits proudly atop the Memorial Light House.

The Lighthouse was initially supposed to be a clock tower and was presented to the city in 1918.

The Lighthouse is a symbol of history that is dear to people