Inside Splott’s Sikh Gurdwara- Educating Children in the UK on Sikhism.

The Splott Sikh Temple thats attracting schools from all over the UK to spread the positive teachings of the Sikh community.

Gurdwara Hall
The hall used to host and teach students from various schools in the UK about Sikhism.

This Sikh Gurdwara located on Pearl Street in Splott has been a registered charity since 1977 and has been a very positive influence on the Splott community and even further afield since its foundation.

The influence of this Gurdwara extends far beyond the borders of Splott, schools from all over the UK visit the temple in an effort to educate children on Sikhism. During my visit on 24th October a class from a school in Caerphilly was being shown around the Temple. A member of the Sikh community informed me that the temple has attracted classes from schools as far afield as Bristol and Gloucester as word spread of the reputation of the teachings at the temple.

The Granthi of the Gurdwara.

Gurpreet Singh, a member of the Sikh Community, said “Your background does not matter. If you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian, all are welcome”.

The upkeep of the temple is funded using money contributed by the local Sikh community, producing huge local pride in the community as they play a vital role in the Gurdwaras development and prosperity

Gurdwara kitchen
Vegetarian food is prepared in the kitchen to be served to all visitors.

The best time to visit the temple is around 10am- 1pm as vegetarian food is served to all visitors free of charge.