Is it necessary to limit the number of people in music festival in Bute Park?

A section of Bute Park in Cardiff, called cooper field was closed off to the public for 13 weeks over the summer. It finally reopened recently, but the damage has been caused by another event. To maintain the environment and events id well underway, there should be taken some measures to change the situation.
In light of this, we try to ask people about whether it is necessary to limit the number of people in an event in Bute Park or not.
Chile 28

I don’t think so, but I think it depends on the type of control and facilities they are trying to use, the people they have to help work with them to make sure the grass is well-protected. To make everything is ok, it depends on the resource they have, but in general I will say no.
Beth 18

I think that is quite bad, for the environment. I think that is probably better locations for the music festival and some public event. But the limitation may cause other problems as well. Maybe built a place where there is no grass or friendly to the infrastructures. Or they can build a floor on the grass to place the instruments for protect the grass.
Jake 19

No, I think there is no need to limit the number of people because people have pay for the ticket. It depends on the leaders of the site or government, if they set the price is free then they can adjust the volume of people, it is more reasonable I think. It is more related to the agreement between the leaders of site and event.
Livia Borghese 20

I do believe it! That is very necessary to protect the grass, the damage people caused should be warn out. Because every time when I go to Bute Park with my friends, not only music festivals but also the fireworks night, I found there are too many people in the park, it is over-crowded. It is a good idea to put a stadium over the grass I think.
Qi 25

I think the number of people need to be limited. It can straightforwardly save the grass and public resources. In addition, we should keep the environment and the need of entertainment in balance as well, the limitation may release the pressure of ensuring the order in park and make sure peoples’ safety.