Join Cardiff's Food & Drink Safari

Get acquainted with Cardiff’s food, culture and Welsh drinks in a unique experience through Sian Roberts who is dedicated to protecting Welsh cuisine and promoting it for the past two decades.

castle-Cardiff- tourist
Tourists get glimpse of history at Cardiff Castle

Are you a tourist visiting Cardiff and want to get introduced to Welsh signature food, drinks and explore the city? Cardiff Food & Drink Safari is just the right thing to hop on, for a Welsh experience.
The food and drink tour conducted by Sian Roberts, Loving Welsh Food helps you get beyond the world of Welsh cakes and ales by taking you around the Cardiff City for a day long Welsh experience.
Sian promises, the tours include less of walking and more of sitting and eating during the visit. “The tour aims at giving to visitors the taste of Welsh culture, facts about the city, food, language and history of Wales and Cardiff”.
The first tour was held this Thursday and will be conducted every Saturday which starts from historic Cardiff Castle, right next to city centre and leads to pamper your taste buds. “We start with pot tea and some traditional cakes like Barabrith and Carrot cake in castle premises. The guests are then taken to arcades where they are offered a wide range of Welsh food, beer, and cider.”
The tour includes walking along the old and new parts of the city like Principality Stadium, Bute Park and other market areas with Sian explaining the historical importance of places like the old library, history of Cardiff, the industries and the coal mines of Wales which have brought prosperity to the country.
Traditional Welsh cheese
The guests were introduced to basics and phrases of Welsh language. The visitors are then taken to Cardiff Bay through a bus which passes through important places of the city,” says Sian adding that old docks have been crucial in bringing prosperity to entire Wales.
In the final leg of the tour, the guests are taken to Millennium Centre where a variety of cheese, desserts, and fresh products are open for trial for the visitors.
Sian feels that getting on the tour is an excellent opportunity to know other people from different countries who always have interesting stories to relate from their life. “The tour is not only limited to tourists; many residents have been living in the city for years but have not found the time to take a close look at the city and know about it. The tours are also a good experience as a gift to your friends and family.”
Feeling proud about North Wales being on the top 10 list of tourist destinations in ‘Lonely Planet’ this year, Sian says Cardiff also has plenty of things to offer. The Docklands, water sports, stadium, city culture, museum, surfing at Glamorgan and hiking at the Brecon Beacons, within an hour from the city, just make everything accessible to the visitors.
Photo credits:  Owen Roberts
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