Cardiffians make kites for people in Gaza

In order to support the people in Palestine Area and ask for peace and freedom, a kite-making workshop took place at Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff.

A kite-making event which both aims to raise people’s awareness of the situation in Gaza strip and to bring joy to participants was held by Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Linda Jensen who is the member of Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign and also the organizer of this event  joined the Campaign after Israel’s attack on Gaza which shocked her and she decided to do something for them.

“There are 1.9 million people still living under siege.” Said Linda. “We would like to use a nice fun event to make a point that we are going to bring people together and to show our support for the people in Gaza. We want to say that we haven’t forgotten you through these events.”

Linda Jensen, member of Cardiff Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The ‘Flying paper’, a documentary which tells an exciting story of Palestinian children making kites in the Gaza Strip, is playing during the event. The story is about the Palestine children trying to break the Guinness world record of the most kites flying in the sky at the same time. While demonstrating the children’s kite-making skills, it also shows these children’s positive attitudes towards the odds.

Attendees are making kites for the later kite festival.

Susanne Konig, one of the participants, brought her daughter to join this event and both of them really enjoyed it. “My daughter has a book about how Palestine children making kites and she is fascinated by it. She is so excited to make her own kite and this event is meaningful.”

One of the organizers, Jackie Shellard, is teaching kids how to make the frame of kites.

Kite-making and kite-flying might be the only sport and entertainment for children in Gaza strip. It can be considered as a culture for Palestine people to seek peace and freedom.

As in 2011, a world record for 8,000 kites simultaneously flying in the sky along the beach in Gaza Strip has been set by Palestine children. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign members want to hold a similar event. In this summer, they aim to put on a kite flying festival to show sympathy and solidarity with the people in Gaza.

How to build your own kite

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The Trailer of ‘Flying paper’

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