Let Cardiff give you a ‘cwtch’ – learn Welsh in the capital

It is definitely the unique bilingual environment, which offers new comers a fresh experience in Wales. Here we are going to give you some advice about learning Welsh in Cardiff.

welsh signboard


‘Cwtch’! This is one of the favourite words for the Welsh speakers. For the non-Welsh speakers, it may be hard to pronounce and harder to get a literal meaning of the word as there is no exact English word for it. Still, as a newcomer in Cardiff, one can get a ‘cwtch’ while learning the Welsh language and culture.


Here are a few suggestions to help you improve your Welsh quicker.

What’s excitingly new?

Last year, the announced project of turning Cardiff’s iconic Old Library building into a new Welsh Culture Centre, aims at creating a welcoming space for not only the local Welsh citizens, but also tourists and residents in this city.

In collaboration with Clwb Ifor Bach, Bodlon shop and many other famous companies in Cardiff, the centre will have a café bar/restaurant, a shop selling Welsh food and goods, some events and conferences places to hire, and also, a new Welsh language centre. Cardiff University will offer daytime and evening courses for Welsh learners there.

At the very beginning of 2016, Yr Hen Lyfrgell is now busy doing final stage preparations to welcome its first visitors. You are possible to hear and speak Welsh in every corner of the culture centre, what an exciting experience! Can’t wait to meet everyone there!

Where to learn Welsh systematically?

Apart from the collaboration with Yr Hen Lyfrgell in the city centre, Cardiff University also provides many kinds of Welsh learning courses for different groups of people. Its ‘Welsh for adults’ course offers more than ten teaching locations around the whole city.  Moreover, 2015/16 is the first academic year for Cardiff University to open Welsh course for its ‘Language for all’ project. So far, many university students have fully benefited from it.

How to find my language partners?

Dysgwyr Caerdydd, ‘Cardiff Learners’ in English, is a community organized for Welsh language learners in this capital city. Using its own website and social media platforms, Dysgwyr Caerdydd collects and integrates information and data for learners. One example is “Top spots for speaking Welsh in the city”, which includes a digital map of Cardiff highlighting the spaces for speaking Welsh.  The group is always good at applying digital production skills to make Welsh learning more interesting. Check another post shown in infographic: How many learners are there in Cardiff?

Hope these three suggestions will benefit your Welsh study. Just get up and join other Welsh learners in the city to let Cardiff give you a ‘cwtch’.