Live music and Cardiff: A bittersweet love story

The city has been home to some of the most exemplary musical venues in Wales, but with Gwidhw closing, live music in the capital is suffering.

The ‘last’ stand of live music in Cardiff overlooking the Castle.

Four Bars, a landmark of music closed back in 2015. This year, we lost Gwidhw to new constructions and the only safe haven for lounges seems to be the bright alley of Womanby Street.

If you like soulful jazz music or feet thumping rock, there’s music and venues waiting to be discovered all over the city. However, time is running out if you want to experience live music.

The caretaker of Cardiff Castle Quarter said: “Womanby Street was once the biggest attraction in town, even more than the castle.”

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An avid fan of live Welsh music said, “We have a paucity of breakthrough Welsh artists and venues that support them.” Live music has been a key defining feature for the city for decades and the few remaining venues need all the support they can get.

Gwidhw located in the Guilford Crescent recently ceased all operations.

So, what can the people of Cardiff do? According to the owner of Fuel, “Simply support these mini institutions of music and culture to keep the tradition alive and kicking.”

To indulge in the tradition, below is a list of iconic venues in Cardiff and their rich history, in all their glory.