Llantwit Major: Where Welsh folklore and tradition are still alive

This small Welsh village is home to one of Wales’ most prominent folklorists. Explore Llantwit Major and the life of Marie Trevelyan below.

Marie Trevelyan’s stories, written a century ago, still help readers draw meaning from historic places in South Wales.

Marie Trevelyan became a well-known writer of Welsh history, folklore and myths, referring to legends of Vikings, Kings and powerful women of the past. Born and raised in Llantwit Major, South Wales, Trevelyan started writing to make a living, and today she is considered to be one of the most famous folklore writers in Welsh history.

In this series of short podcasts we discuss, with Dr Juliette Wood from Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion, three of her most well-known stories from Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character.

This book, published in 1893, and personal records preserved by the Llantwit Major History Society, frames not only the “supernatural” local stories of Llantwit Major, but it also features the personal life experiences that influenced Trevelyan’s interpretations of these stories. In many ways, the stories reflect Wales’ ancient histories and myths, as well as Trevelyan’s era at the turn of the 20th century and still hold relevance to issues of religion, gender and placemaking in modern-day South Wales.

Marie Trevelyan’s stories are brought to life below through a series of 360° interactive photos of the key places around Llantwit Major, just a 45-minute train ride west of Cardiff and the place where she spent most of her life.

By clicking on the interactive elements, explore the stories of St. Illtud’s Bell, the Lady in the White Dress and the Golden Stag as podcasts.

Listen to the story of St. Illtud’s bell and commentary from Dr Juliette Wood below:

Explore St. Illtud’s church and graveyard:

Listen to Dr Juliette Wood discuss the story of the Golden Stag.

Finally, see the place where The Lady in the White Dress originated, and listen to the accompanying podcast below.