The journey of Rome through UK premier Italian film

The UK premiere Italian film which had been showed in Cardiff last week and the director is the only female one during Italian Films Festival Cardiff.

Maria per Roma was appreciated by Cardiff film lovers last week was premier in Cardiff across the UK and the only female director during Italian Films Festival Cardiff.
Karen di Porto, as a director and female leading role during this film, she gave the premiere of her new film and shared her own experience and story behind it at the Chapter art centre in Canton in Cardiff.

Director Karen di Porto share her own story with audience.

“I was working during that job called key holder. Doing that job was interesting because you could see how many people are involved from the first turn in the morning,” says Karen di Porto. “One day was so hard at the end of the day but I find it is a so warm character maybe I can tell the story of the CD.”
The idea of this film is mostly based on her own experience of study and work in Rome. The role called Maria is the portrayal of herself.

Some audience agree that people can follow her complicated whole day life and discover the ‘real’ Rome and its conflict with tourism.
One of the audience called Haili Ma share her feeling of this film and she says, “The story about today’s Italian community and how people live now with the multinational impact. Sometimes this can be a little bit depressing of young people but other times quite refreshing depends on which angle you feel. Like the one that we just watching, the female director rated although it’s quite and again dealing with the contemporary issues but because of the angle especially because of the feature of the dogs it brings a sense of warm and humor into this film.”

Karen di Porto is an actress and film director from Rome. She used to study law at university in Rome, but she decided to participate in the film industry. Then she started to study and write about theatre.
This film Using 93 minutes to describes a young lady Maria who is an actress and she has a part-time job in a letting agency in Rome. It shows what she encounters through the whole day and dramatical changes of mood depend on complicated difficult experience through her eyes.