To memory your families: More Cardiff individuals deal with grief by a creative art project

Cardiff female artist operates “memory boxes” project to help people collecting meaningful objects from family members

A Cardiff artist has been helping a growing number of people to deal with grief of losing friends and family during the pandemic.

Katherine Jones, who is doing the art and architecture project for people in Wales. Her “Memory box” project allows people to display objects and personal items to mourn someone special.”

“I am doing quite a lot of big pieces that are in memory of some people’s relatives or family members that they’ve lost,” says Katherine. “I think it helped people come to terms with loss less but more sometimes as a way of sorting through their previous belongings with more defining purpose.”

Katherine Jones with her “memory boxes”project (photo by Katherine Jones)
The memory box for a son named” When Irish Eyes are Smiling” for memorizing his mother (photo by Katherine Jones)

People who received their unique memory boxes from Katherine admired and valued her work. One of the clients tweeted a box made using her grandmother’s things that went vital. It ended up being likely by 25,000 people reached with a post on Twitter.

“I couldn’t bring myself to throw out some of my Grandmother’s things so I got Katherine Jones to make these beautiful boxes,” said Sian Harries, who showed her box on the Twitter, “Individually they may seem like tat you’d find in the back of drawers but displayed together they make me so happy.”

Grandmother’s private belongings from one of the client (photo by Katherine Jones)

Trev, who made memory box after he lost his mouther said: “Spending so much time at home because of lockdown meant being surrounded by so many of these little items became a bit overwhelming.”

“The clearing away of mums items had become a real burden for us, but to see them all displayed together in such a loving and creative way is a wonderful tribute to the most beautiful of people.”

The memory box was for a mother who sadly lost her daughter (photo by Katherine Jones)

Katherine also does themed boxes and drawings for wedding, festival, nature or even individual hobby, more information can be found at