How much meat do you eat?

Environmental awareness, health concerns, and opposition to an over-industrialized food industry. Has the revolution started?

A selection of meat. Flickr.

Human activity has destroyed 60% of the planets animal population since the 1970s, a study earlier this week revealed. A major factor behind this is our ever-increasing consumption of food.

From the United Nations to Blue Planet II, Cowspiracy or Food Inc, we have been alerted to the fact that this habit is unsustainable. The effects on climate change, pollution and water scarcity are well documented.

A loud call has been made for a global diet shift away from animal products, and towards more plant-based foods.

Yesterday, on World Vegan Day, the annual food and drink report by Waitrose revealed a third of Britons have either reduced or stopped eating meat. “A consumer revolution is quietly taking place,” said managing director Rob Collins. “Welcome to the era of the mindful consumer.”

We hit the streets of Cardiff today, to assess meat-eating habits, and to see whether this trend was apparent.

Steve, 54, teacher

I eat meat probably five times a week, typically mince beef, chicken, or larger pieces of beef cut into chunks for casseroles. About half and half between beef and chicken.

Try to eat premium cuts but needs must you know! Based upon personal preference due to just liking meat.

Tanya, 47, support worker

No meat, I’m a pescatarian, but even my fish consumption is becoming less because of watching things about fish eating plastic in the sea. So environmental concerns do come in to affect my decision. I do like fish. I’ve never been one for meat, nothing to do with cruelty to animals I’m just not really fussed on it. Also, I don’t like all the rubbish and chemicals they inject into meat, it makes me feel sick. It got to a point a couple of years ago that when I did eat meat it was the texture that was making me gag.

Masoud, 55, retired

Not much, mostly vegetables. I’m not a vegetarian but don’t find the meat appropriate because red meat isn’t great for being diabetic. Chicken if I eat meat, so maybe half a chicken a week. Diet is the main reason.

Zach, 20, jeweler

Not a massive amount, I’d say less than average, 2-3 times a week. Mainly fish, and the odd bit of chicken just because of personal preference. I just like fish, the odd bit of beef but I am going half towards a more vegetarian diet now because my partner is a vegetarian so she encourages me in that direction. I don’t mind.

Danielle, 22, & Gemma, 39, promotions

Gemma  – I eat meat everyday, whether in a sandwich or with my evening meal, chicken and ham, chicken mostly. All personal preference.

Danielle – Probably four days a week, chicken mostly, bacon. All personal preference.