Not just food markets, but places where you can meet people and talk freely

If you are looking for places where you can not only buy affordable ingredients but also be enveloped in an atmosphere of talking freely, these places are worth going.

“Do you need a bag?” “No, thank you.” This might be the only conversation while people are shopping in supermarket chains. Sometimes, people even don’t need to say anything if paid for bills with automatic machines.

Farmers markets are quite different from that. The moment you stop at the front of a stall, the shop owner will greet you happily. You can bargain with shop owners and chat with even everyone you bump into there. Talking with people could bring some special funs to you and ease your pressure.

In Cardiff, you can go to Cardiff Central Market, Farmers Market in Pontcanna, Riverside Market, to explore various types of products and meet, talk with shop owners during the shopping. In addition to farmers markets, a weekly event in Canton Grow Well Project also provides people with opportunities to communicate by teaching them to grow eatable foods together.

Where are they?

A short introduction for the smallest Pontcanna Farmers Market.

Among these markets, Farmers Market in Pontcanna is the smallest and the most unknown one. After World War II, this area turned to a small business unit and Keith bought this area fifteen years ago. The market opened two years ago and has helped build a tighter community. The interview video is what he said to introduce Farmers Market in Pontcanna.

 What are these markets like and what do shop owners there say?