Princes&Paupers: A Delicate Vintage Shop

standing outside Princes&Paupers

This is a vintage clothing shop with a lovely name called Princes&Paupers which located in Castle Arcade.
I found this place unexpectedly in a terrible rainy day, so it was really made me feel lucky. The owner of this shop is a kind and warm gentleman called AL Edge. When I told Mr. Edge this is the first time I found this shop, he said that, “This shop has just opened for 5 months, but this is the sixth shop I opened in Cardiff.” There are variety kinds of vintage blazers and leather belts for both men and women in his shop. The shop may be small, but really delicate.
the owner of Princes&Paupers, AL Edge, with his favorite ruler

People are looking around in the shop

Some well-cut shirts he put in the middle of the shop

Edge’s 8-year-old pet dog and she is very quiet

AL Edge said, ” I always welcome you to come back again.”
If you are interested in vintage clothes or just want to see the lovely corgi, why not go there and have a look?