Protest against bombing Syria

On Saturday 28th NOV, a group of people marched in Queen Street, Cardiff, standing in a heavy storm, holding the slogan “Don’t bomb Syria.” They were trying to convince politicians before the vote on UK’s military action in Syria.


don't bomb Syria 3[People attended the protest despite the heavy strom.]

After the Paris attack, David Cameron has proposed the UK join the military action in Syria against ISIS, a vote of whether UK will be sending air strikes in Syria will be hold on Wednesday next week. A group of activists gathered together to urging their MPs to consider carefully before voting taking Britain into the war.

The organizer of this protest Adam Johannes said: “British foreign policy is not exactly brimming with success stories over the last decade. Afghanistan? Iraq? Libya? There’s not a bad situation that our interventions haven’t made worse.”

don't bomb Syria 4[ Salha from the Muslim council making a speech]

Invading other countries had never worked before and Britain invading Syria will only make the situation worse. Salha from the Muslim council said: “have we not learned from the invasion of Afghanistan? Have we not learn from the invasion of Iraq. Now we are about possibly to invade Syria. “

don't bomb Syria 1[Pippa Bartolotti from the Welsh Green Party making a speech]

Pippa Bartolotti from the Welsh Green Party said: “I hope you all have be in touch with your MPs ,I have a long conversation with mine, and he is going to vote against, and as a green I am very pride to say , the green will vote obviously against the war . Next week we might be in a war, all we can do is lobbying our MPs, let us make people against the war, let us make sure that Cameron loses.”