From Rajah’s to Rockin’ Chair in Riverside

Rockin’ Chair Soul Food Bar and Grill has replaced a popular Indian alternative music club with Caribbean food, Jamaican beer and nonstop reggae music.

“We’ve just had Eek-A-Mouse here,” said Mark, a chef and co-owner at Rockin’ Chair, referring to the popular Jamaican musician who stopped by their quaint stage on 13 October.

On a typical afternoon, the restaurant leaves plenty of room to explore its lights and decorations. Taking over the space once held by famous underground club Rajah’s meant that Rockin’ Chair had big shoes to fill. But being in Riverside, a Cardiff neighbourhood home to many people of Caribbean descent, the power of its jerk-heavy menu, Red Stripe beer and reggae beats is not lost.

Rockin' Chair exterior, Neville Street
Rockin’ Chair’s colourful door stands out, nestled in a residential area between Cathedral Road and Neville Street.
Small and homey, Rockin’ Chair’s stage whispers reggae music all day and often welcomes live performances on weekend nights.
Rockin' Chair bar
While still growing — the Caribbean site currently employs just three people — it aims to breathe new life into nostalgic Rajah’s frequenters and build a new base for those looking to walk by and pop in.
Marley, reggae legend
Sticking to its roots: Rockin’ Chair customers can’t miss the many tributes to reggae legends on its walls.
Red Stripe tap, Rockin' Chair, Riverside, Cardiff
Alongside two-for-one cocktails sits a tap of Red Stripe, Jamaica’s most famous beer.