Review: Chinese State Circus,Dynasty

There are not many shows like Chinese State Circus. You will extremely admire those acrobats for their breathtaking bravery and endless endeavour they paid behind the effortless elegance.

Chinese State Circus is an artistic and more or less athletic show, which includes lots of spellbinding balancing acts. Originating from 2000 years ago, it has become a Chinese traditional culture. This long tradition is also reflected in the theme of the show: Dynasty. Now, after a break of three years, the Chinese State Circus comes back to the UK to please Britain audiences, and a fantastic show was made in St David’s Hall, Cardiff on Monday night.
The show opens with a percussionist beating a big drum to draw forth a Monkey King, which comes on stage alongside a performance of traditional lion dances. At this time,the stage is decked with dragon-decorated, mysterious lantern patterns, and red ribbons.

Hat Jogglers, the photo taken by Chinese State Circus,
Hat Jogglers, the photo taken by Chinese State Circus,

Several minutes later, the show develops with some highly skilled female foot jugglers. One juggler is lying on the other one’s back playing balance with eight finely decorated parasols with her feet; another acrobat performs a gymnastic display on six chairs stacked high.
Foot Joggler, the photo is taken by Chinese State Circus,
Foot Joggler, the photo is taken by Chinese State Circus,

After that, some daunting performances are taken by Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors. One of them uses his neck to resist four spearheads without being hurt. There is absolutely no trick in the show–as evidenced by how most of the tools used in the show are examined by some randomly chosen audience members.
Shaolin Warriors
Shaolin Warriors, the photo taken by Chinese State Circus,

It’s worth bearing in mind that the average age of these performers is only 20. This not only shows their endless potential talents, but also the breathtaking bravery they possess, and the countless endeavor they put in behind the effortless elegance, which deserves the admiration of every audience member.
The Chinese State Circus, a show everyone should watch at least one time in his or her lives, is still on tour in UK. If you are arranging something to do with your families, or your friends, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Chinese State Circus!
Rating: (four stars)

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