Secret Cardiff: An astounding ‘feast’ for all violin lovers

A big fan of music? An expert of violins? Or anyone who has ever thought about playing a kind of violin family instrument? … Here, Cardiff Violins, is a wonderful place for you!

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Cardiff Violins was established in 1984 as a workshop in Cardiff Bay and was opened in Castle Arcade as it is known today since 1993. It was started with only three rooms but now the shop has been largely expanded, with more trying out rooms, more display space and about 6,000 instruments in store.

A Large Range of Violins Displayed In Room

It is the largest violin shop in Wales and has a really large range of violins, violas and cellos collection. When you walk into the shop, the vibe is very relaxing under the warm-colored light! You can see various violins from different historical periods decorated on the wall…

Rows of violins, violas and cellos are displayed in different trying rooms. Some of them are new and some even have a hundred-year history. Instruments here are produced in different countries from German, Austria to China, Singapore. With a reputation for good craftsmanship, these instruments are all made to sound at its best! So no matter you are a specialist or a beginner, you must find your best options here.


Apart from its long history, the superior quality, and its full-range collection, there is another reason that makes Cardiff Violins unique. Animal welfare is a priority for Cardiff Violins. It tries to reduce the use of animal products in musical instruments and replace animal products with synthetic material. “Vegan Bow” concept presented by Cardiff Violins enables people to transfer a standard bow which traditionally use horse hair, ivory and animal leather to a more eco-friendly one. Over the years, more and more people turn to these ethically sourced products. Cardiff Violins is catering for environmentalists as well!   14786893_358155514520960_199486117_o

Cardiff Violins, a ‘feast’ for all violin lovers, opens from Tuesday to Saturday every week. With more than 30-year history and about 6,000 instruments in store, every violin lover should not miss it!

N.B. The 4th original image was sourced from Cardiff Violins website.