Should minority languages be supported?

Cardiff Central railway station
Cardiff Central railway station

Welsh language campaigners recently demanded the English-only sign at Cardiff train station was change to a bilingual version. It is really necessary to consider if all the minority language need to be protected or some of the language could be cleared away or not.

Nowadays, English as the main language in the world. People have different opinions seen from it. “I barely speak my mother language-Yoruba, only when cultural show, music or drama” said by Dami, Nigeria. He also think the bilingual sign is depend on where it is. If there is a country whether it has two main languages, it is fine. But as his country, people talk in different languages, so he think it is easier just to have English. In contrary, Maria Roza, who is from Greece, speak Greek almost everyday, even in the classes. She thought that “welsh language is important and have to be respected”.

One person called Winnie from Guangzhou considered more people use, more people speaks and more spaces for Cantonese. The same viewpoint from Maria Roza, “There is no rule for the minority language, only the communication between us would protect it”.

“It is the identity for one person” said by Dami. It seems like all the minority language is a root and own culture in native country, which could not be clear away as easy as possible. And it just needs some helps from the rights in local.