The 50s and 60s singles start exploring life’s next journey in Cardiff

Soaring numbers of over-50s in England will suffer from loneliness in the coming years, which different organisations are helping to break free from.

Image Credits: PickPik

Twelve 50s and 60s singles took part in a tailored speed dating event in a Cardiff pub last Tuesday.

All 6 men and 6 women had the opportunity to speak to each other once and at the end of the day, everyone left with an impression of each other. Then no later than 11 am the following morning matching system will be unlocked for them to enter their ticks from the previous evening and the results of the match will be announced.

People are exchanging and communicating at the speed dating.

Michelle, a 49-year-old event host, said, “The event is for people who like to meet people. You know, people really enjoy meeting different people, even if they are over 50 years old. Maybe they are not just looking for a partner, maybe they are also looking for a companion, a friend, with whom they can enjoy life’s experiences.”

Tim, 65, A-level Master

“I have got four kids, but obviously they are all in their 20s,” said Tim, a 65-year-old attendee. “Two years ago, I and my girlfriend split up quietly, I’ve been a little bit bored, and I would like to have a new girlfriend which is better for company.”

Basically, everyone said they enjoyed the event and they discussed favorite classic movies to reminiscing about iconic music, the conversations spanned a range of topics, creating a genuine sense of connection.

More than two million people in 50s and 60s will be lonely by 2025-26, a 49% increase on the 1.36m who were socially isolated in 2015-16, according to projections by Age UK.

Also, Age UK has previously found that 1.2million older people in Britain are chronically lonely, with half a million over-60s usually spending every day alone.

A pub in Cardiff for people to socialise.

In an effort to help more single people and people who feel lonely find friends, Michelle said, “It’s heartening to see how this tailored speed dating experience resonated with our participants. We’re already planning more events to cater to the diverse interests of British singles.”