The 7 Best Instagrammable Cafés in Cardiff

Looking for nice pictures for your Instagram? These instagrammable cafés are perfect for you!

A nice café is always an ideal place for taking insta-worthy photos (Photography: Iris)

Cardiff has many independent coffee shops, and there are some amazing Instagrammable cafés that you should try.

1. The Little Man Coffee Company

Little Man Coffee Company (Photography: Iris)

Little Man is a small coffee house near St. Davids, which offers of the most eclectic coffee collections in Cardiff. With simple and classic decoration, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer ample sunlight. It is also a quiet corner in Cardiff Central, where you can take a sip of coffee without a crowd. If you want some old-fashioned coffee pictures, Little Man should be your first choice!

Address: Ivor House, Bridge St, Cardiff CF10 2EE
Get in Touch: 079 3384 4234
Hours: Mon-Sat 08:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-16:00

2. The Plan Café

The Plan Café (Photography: Iris)

With a lively atmosphere as well as delicate and delicious food, The Plan Café Bar has two perfect elements for your Instagram post. This local café located in Morgan Arcade offers local organic food and Welsh cider. If you live in Cardiff, it is an ideal place for you to pop in and get a cup of coffee. If you just arrived, it is perfect for you to enjoy some local delicacies!

Address: 28-29 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AF
Get in Touch: 029 2039 8764
Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat 9:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-16:00

3. Corner Coffee

Corner Coffee (Photography: Iris)

Located in the high street arcade, Corner Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in Cardiff. No one can say no to a range of expertly brewed coffees as well as lovely doughnuts! The café is decorated with ambient lights and interesting murals, a nice place for relaxing and good snaps.

Address: 13 High St, Cardiff CF10 1AX
Get in Touch: 029 2132 0440
Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00

4. Bigmoose Coffee Company

Bigmoose Coffee Company (Photography: Iris)

Bigmoose coffee is a charity and non-profit coffee shop located in Queen Street. The idea of Bigmoose was initially to help the homeless, but now they are doing more to help disadvantaged people with their profits from the coffee shop. The decoration is simple and aesthetic, with a special area – a picture of the month. For this month of LGBTQ+ History Month, it is a rainbow flag! If you want a meaningful and special picture on your Instagram, come to Bigmoose.

Address: 4-5 Frederick St, St Davids Centre, Cardiff CF10 2DB
Get in Touch: 075 4285 0251
Hours: Sun-Fri 10:00-15:30, Sat 9:30-16:00

5. Blossom Café

Blossom Café (Photography:

As its name suggests, Blossom Café is a romantic coffee shop with flowers everywhere. The romantic flower decoration and elaborate cakes provide you with an ideal background for your Instagram photos! This unique coffee house also offers flower workshops for people to join and have fun. Blossom Café is organising a flower workshop for this Mother’s Day, come and join them!

Address: 11 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3NZ
Get in Touch: 029 2019 380
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 11:00-16:00

6. Hard Lines Coffee

Hard Lines Café and Roastery (Photography: Wenjing Xia)

Starting off with a tiny store in Cardiff Market, Hard Lines is a small batch Welsh coffee roastery and café. Their new café at St Canna Court is especially attractive for those who love taking pictures. Their unique coffee cups and packages with a cute cartoonish image are your perfect prop for a popular picture on your Instagram page.

Address: Cardiff Central Market, Unit 25, Cardiff CF10 1AU (Hard Lines Market);
Ground Floor Unit, St Cannas Court, Cowbridge Rd E CF5 1GX (Hard Lines Café and Roastery)
Get in Touch:
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-15:00, Sat 9:00-15:30 (Hard Lines Market);
Mon-Sat 8:00-17:00, Sun 9:00-16:00 (Hard Lines Café and Roastery)

7. Barker Tea House

Barker Tea House (Photography: Yuhan Zhang)

Located in the quaint Cardiff’s Arcade, Barker Tea House has a delicate interior with a cosy and calm atmosphere. This place is famous for its high tea service. If you are a tea lover, they have a comprehensive collection of tea that you cannot miss. Whether you order a classic afternoon tea set or just a cup of tea with a Japanese teapot, everything here seems to be made for a perfect Instagram picture.

Address:8-12 High Street Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BB
Get in Touch: 029 2034 1390
Hours: Mon-Sat 9:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-16:30