The Oreil Makers

A gallery of welsh art, a wonderland for artists.
Oriel Makers is not an ordinary shop, it is a gallery, mini but delicate.

The building has been there for over 26 years with an extraordinary outside looking.

The front door of Oriel Makers.

The six original co-founders aimed to build a wonderland for both welsh and world artists to display and exhibit their artworks. They meet once a month to decide on what could be sell here.

At downstairs, all of these lucky contemporary artworks are well-spaced, including ceramics, glass, textiles, wood, paintings, prints and jewellery. “The only thing I need to remember is to leaving my credit card at home,” Averil, a retired teacher who volunteered here, joked.

Well-spaced artworks

If you spend some time here, you can also hear a good rhythm for free, that is Jane Nicholls, who is weaving exquisite scarves upstairs. The sound is played by the four-shuttle-loom, the best friend of Jane. “I don’t like to do the scarf by scarf, I only make an scarf and another, so each of them are unique,” Jane told us proudly.

The decorated stairs.

Wooden Spoons made by hand with daffodils , the welsh flower.

Jane Nicholls, a spinner and weaver artist with her loom.

Jane is weaving for scarves, every scarf here is designed with unique pattern.

Intro Chen& Xinran Wen, Photos by Xinran Wen& Shuang Chen