The Queer Emporium: Where inclusivity meets creativity 

The Queer Emporium at the heart of Cardiff is a haven for LGBT+ businesses.

Colourful flags, eye-catching graphic hoodies, whimsical earrings and delectable treats in the café section are just some of the shop’s highlights.

Picture this: a cup of iced tea that changes colours right before your eyes.

At first sight, it’s a striking violet, but soon enough, it gradually transitions into a delicate shade of pink. The tea, aptly named BisexualiTea, is just one of the many incredible offerings at The Queer Emporium.

In the heart of Cardiff’s city centre, the Queer Emporium is a cafe, a community hub, and an event centre rolled into one.

The little shop is filled with queer-inspired fashion and accessories such as hoodies, graphic tees, posters and backpacks, pronoun badges, necklaces and pendants, books and more, showcasing the works of local LGBT+ businesses such as Mythsntits by Mari Catrin Phillips from Pembrokeshire, Paned o Gê, a queer bookshop in Wales, and the works of queer artist Morgan Dowdall, among others.

Every vendor has proper signage next to their goods, all of it bilingual in English and Welsh. 

“We want people to be able to come and be part of the community and not feel excluded,” said the assistant manager. “I wanted to work in a community where there’s space to support our community.” As an illustrator himself, his artistic creations take pride of place in the shop.

The shopfront flaunts its rainbow colours – pride, joy, and love in all its fullness.

 Emerging as a joyful pop-up during the Pride month of 2021, The Queer Emporium showcases over 18 businesses from the local queer community, supporting the growth of local LGBT+ businesses. 

The majority of the shop’s team belongs to the queer community themselves. So, when you shop here, you’re not just getting great products – you’re supporting local businesses and uplifting the community.

Queer voices shine through the vibrant covers of their literary works.

With regular events planned throughout the year such as comedy nights, drag nights, film screenings and live music, there’s always something to cater to the needs and entertain the LGBT+ communities and its allies. You can find the complete list of upcoming events on their website

They also offer a limited number of pay-it-forward tickets for all their events, ensuring no one is left out due to financial constraints. 

Grab a free drink after purchasing 6 soft drinks with their loyalty card!

All in all, The Queer Emporium is a place where inclusivity and creativity converge.

Location:  2 Royal Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1AE
Opening Hours: 11AM to 6PM on all days of the week