This bestseller author said "I didn’t want to write the book at all"

An author who’s written about her unimaginable pain of losing a younger brother came to have a conversation session with Jenny Kitzinger, who was the one of the biggest reasons of writing her book.

A session of Cathy Rentzenbrink, who is the author of “The Last Act of Love”, was held at William Court in Cardiff by Jenny Kitzinger, professor of Cardiff University.
The session was started with a question “Why did you decide to write the book?” from Jenny.
The author’s answered:  “I didn’t want to write this book at all. I kept trying to write novels. And I didn’t want to write novel about the subject matter of this book. I wanted to write novels about other things.”

Cathy is giving the audience a bit of reading.

The book, which was a Sunday Times bestseller and shortlisted for The 2016 Wellcome Book Prize, is about her traumatic lost of her 16-year-old brother that she experienced when she was 17-year-old, and her family’s later painful decision.
Cathy said: “I started writing it with the idea that I then put it into the draw, and then, gradually, it became what it is.”
“I wrote it all out of the chronology of it, because… I just couldn’t. There were so many barriers to me writing the book, like millions. But one of them was just, I just didn’t see I ever could.”
The session was a special true collaboration between Book Talk and a conference, which is currently being held on death and dying in Cardiff.
Cathy has been working on her 2nd book “A Manual of Heartache”, which is going to be published next June.
About the next book, she said: “I came across the term ‘content’ and ‘process’ through loads of therapy. ‘Content’ being what’s happened to you, and ‘process’ being what you do to try to accommodate what’s happened to you. My first book was content. Can I write a book that is actually process, that actually would be useful for anybody no matter what the specifics of their own situation and of their own loss? That was my starting point”
The author of “The Last Act of Love” Cathy Rentzenbrink after the event.

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