Time to go on a Bay-watch!

Ever wondered what is that fallen face mask that you see by Cardiff bay?

Amongst the many statues that you will see within the city of Cardiff, there’s one important one that you wouldn’t miss out on if you go to the bay. 

The Merchant Seafarers’ Memorial

That is the Merchant Seafarers. This is a memorial made to remember those who died on the ship during a war. If you approach the sculpture from one side, it looks like a hull section of a merchant ship. While the other side looks like a face of a person sleeping on the ground. The piece of art is built using the steel frame of a ship. 

The man behind this sculpture is Mr. Bill Henke. He was an MBE (Member of the order of the British Empire) and founded the Merchant Navy Association of Wales. You can read the plaque located near the circular base of the memorial to know more about him. This whole set-up is right opposite to the Welsh Senedd (Parliament). 

On the other side of this sculpture is the bay which can help you view almost the entire city. There are other statues around the bay that your eyes won’t fail to notice. Like that of the Buddhist Monk signifying World peace and harmony, the Scott Memorial, and an army convoy.

The army vehicle by the bay

How do you get there?

Cardiff is a coastal city which has the Bristol Channel surrounding one half of it. This means that if you walk towards the south, you will end up near the bay which is a beautiful and serene location. You don’t even need to worry about transportation to get there. Just a stroll works as this place is about two miles from Cardiff University. 

While this is just one place, there are lots of others that you could explore. Some are food for your stomachs and others are for your eyes and mind. So, go on and get with it.

Happy Exploring!