Tips to Deal with Mental Health Issues

Being a University student in Cardiff can be stressful and could affect your mental health. It is important to know that you can find help.

Students constantly deal with stress and anxiety.

The level of anxiety tends to sharply increase when deadlines are approaching. Being a full time student is not just about partying. Sleepless nights, high caffeine intake, ready made food, are things that all students have dealt with when assignments are coming.

But students who suffer from stress and anxiety are not alone. According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 the problems will be second to heart disease. Around 7% of men and 10% of women aged 16-24 years old are being treated for a mental health condition (The Welsh Health survey 2016).

Thomas Webb, a fourth-year medical student at Cardiff University said, “Anxiety is a feeling of fear and worry for future events that may or may not happen. In short term, it can cause physical symptoms such as an excessive sweating.”

We’ve set up a guide to provide different methods that you can use to avoid further health issues.

Visit the doctor

Huddling inside your room without knowing who to talk would probably affect your daily routine. Get help and consult a GP. Don’t underestimate the gravity of the symptoms. Anxiety can lead to a panic attack, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), phobias and social anxiety and it needs to be dealt with urgently. An expert would be understanding and provide advice regarding mental health.

Consult your GP if anxiety becomes part of your daily life.

Learn to meditate

Meditation and relaxation are alternative treatments to mental health issues.This consists of an introspection, in order to become conscious of your inner self.

A Harvard study proved that “subjects focus attention primarily on their breathing. This is a challenging task requiring constant vigilance so that the mind does not wander.” Eventually, the thoughts and worries will dissolve as you become more focused on the breath. According to Thomas Webb, “Meditation is a very powerful long term activity to reduce anxiety. ”

NHS is now recommending meditation class for patients suffering from depression.

If you’re a student at Cardiff University, there is a meditation society which includes discussions, events and guided meditation.

Yoga helps to relax the mind and soul.

Head out for a run

Don’t forget to exercise on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. It would help to reduce your anxiety. As Thomas Webb said, “Sports is good for anxiety because it releases endorphins (hormones secreted in your brain and nervous system) and neurotransmitters which have a similar effect than anti-anxiety medication.”  Walking or running will help to let your feelings out and allow your body to feel better.

Sport releases endorphins which helps you to relax.

Go herbal

Herbal does not necessarily mean weed. According to Thomas Webb drugs can help with anxiety although it is not ideal for long term use as it has side effects. Therefore, it would be better to use Herbs as it prevents anxiety in a natural way. There are some plants which have the same results as medication without side effects. However, don’t drink tea because theine can lead to stress and panic attack. Instead, plants such as lavender, passionflower, valerian (herb) or even Kava Kava can act as a natural treatment.

Valerian herbs reduces stress and does not give any after effects.

Go for a natural diet

Following a particular diet can boost your system and prevent anxiety. Here are few examples: broccoli, citrus fruits or asparagus contain all logic acid. A low level of the logic acid can cause depression.

Almonds have natural calming properties.

Almonds are known for their high level of vitamins B2 and E which contribute to reinforcing the immune systems during periods of stress.Moreover,  Blueberries contain antioxidants and vitamin C which prevent stress as well. This is an exhaustive list and there is a wide range of products which can work if you don’t necessarily like those provided above.

Keep your social life alive. It will help you get rid of depression.

See your friends

Finally, don’t stay at home. Loneliness is the best way to think about what is going wrong in your life. Don’t forget your social life. Hanging out with your friends is the best way to release your mind from your current problems.


Stay away from drugs         

Try to avoid alcohol and tobacco as much as possible as they directly lead to health issues and will worsen your condition. Since prevention is better than cure, it is always better to stay away from drugs and excessive medication that can lead to addiction.


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