Wales’ Least Romantic City? How Does Cardiff Redefine Valentine’s Day?

People in Cardiff search for romantic getaways less than those in any other part of the country, according to new research from Together Travel reported by South Wales Argus.

Photo by Wathiq Khuzaie/Getty Images

Despite this, Cardiff residents welcome Valentine’s Day with open arms, eager to celebrate love and friendship in ways that are both unique and memorable. While exchanging gifts and dining out remain steadfast traditions, Cardiff’s residents and visitors are eagerly exploring unconventional ways to commemorate this day dedicated to love.

“We’re excited to offer a space where students can relax, meet new people, and just have a great time without the pressure of traditional Valentine’s Day expectations,” says Cardiff University’s “Holiday Hangout – Cupid’s Rebellion” (Click to access) event coordinator, Angie.

Kicking off the festivities, this event invites all Cardiff university students to a afternoon brimming with social activities. From engaging games to creative craft sessions, Cupid’s Rebellion is set to be a haven for students looking to escape the Valentine’s frenzy and enjoy an evening of leisure and camaraderie.

For LGBTQ+ History Month in February, Cardiff will also be launching ‘For the Love of Drag‘ (Click to access), hosted by the beautiful Heidi Wurst, to add a splash of diversity and love to Valentine’s Day.

“The event is a celebration of love in all its forms, wrapped up in the art of drag and fun,” says Louis, who will be in attendance.

Attendees can look forward to a night filled with great performances, laughter and unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebrations, making it one of the best choices for those embracing the happy atmosphere of the day.

“Galentine’s Day” is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. It was made popular by an American TV Show. Many people see this day as a way to celebrate friendship, especially among women.

Emma, a student at Cardiff University, said, “Galentine’s Day is all about shouting out to the awesome ladies in our lives. I’m gonna be hanging out with my girls, getting together to celebrate our friendship, free from all that romantic Valentine’s Day buzz on the 14th.”

This year, Cardiff is redefining fun Valentine’s Day, making it more inclusive and diverse than ever. Whether it’s by defying Cupid, locking up love in a secret room, cheering at a drag show or toasting to female friendship on Valentine’s Day, there’s something for everyone in the city.

Not only do these events offer new ways to celebrate love and friendship, they also ensure that Valentine’s Day in Cardiff will be remembered for its creativity, inclusivity and those events that make it memorable.

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