Veeno wine bar

There is a quiet corner in Cardiff Bay, which located a special wine bar. Veeno, an Italian wine cafe, has a collection of many kinds of good quality of wine. It is the first Italian wine cafe chain in UK, also provide nice dishes to spuntini appetiser.
It have its own matchless story: In the spring of 2013 two Italian in their twenties accidentally met in Manchester, finding out that they both loved and missed the Italian wine taste, and had a passion to ritual of drinking. At the same year, Veeno was born. The wines all come from vineyard in Sicily which starts in the 16th century.

“It is a unique place in Cardiff, where people can enjoy great wine, and it is also a fun place for tourists.” says the bartender.

It has various kinds of wine.

The style of display of the wines is special.

It also has comfortable atmosphere for you to have a fantastic wine taste.

A brilliant show shelf of wines.

“I hope everyone can enjoy an unique visit here.”says the manager(left).