Restaurant Review: Welcome to Wiwo Noodle Bar

The Wiwo Noodle Bar in Cardiff won the BEST TAKEAWAY IN WALES AWARDS of 2015 on November. How surprised that an Eastern restaurant could receive such honor in there! Let’s explore it together, shall we?

People may wonder where in Cardiff you can enjoy authentic Chinese meals. “We found that with changing lifestyles an2d with foods from the East becoming more popular, and our brand story is just based on it.” explains by Tecxi, a manager of Wiwo Noodle Bar in Cardiff. Lots of people would love to have a delicious authentic Chinese meal. While you enjoy the classical English Fish and Chips, do you sometimes crave for some other flavors? Last Friday when I stood in front of Wiwo’s door, there was a familiar smell in the air drawing me towards in it and I couldn’t resist.


From the big Chinese red menu, we know that three parts need to be matched in a meal box: First, choose rice or noodles as main food, then top on various of meet and vegetable according to your preference and then add the sauce you like. Moreover, in sides column, Spring Rolls catch up my attention immediately, as it is a traditional Chinese food and I suppose everyone stands weak before the temptations of the there. So, only a small box of meal can satisfy our stomach with good mood.


I was eager to click their home page, then I realized why they mainly provided takeaway service, which links with a romantic and fashionable word— Travel. Traveling far East to countries such as Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand has allowed them to create unique Wiwo taste which customers know and love so much today. Besides, they’re often expanding menu with the latest healthy and exciting dishes, with recipes from Asia, including Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and Japanese. All the food is cooked fresh daily with products sourced locally.


From my  simple and “delicious” words, are you hungry now? Forget here we are in Cardiff. Pick up your phone and call XXX, open your door to welcome east-scrumptious food go into your home!