What are the challenges Chinese restaurants facing now?

The outbreak of Coronavirus and food culture shift may make them shakier

Many Chinese restaurants would change their menu and make it more suitable for the western’s taste.

Many Chinese restaurants are hurting recently due to the spread of Coronavirus. Being more quiet and lack of customers concern some Chinese restaurants’ owners.

“It quite affects our business, especially when the Chinese new year coming ,”said Vivian Yang, owner’s wife of So Good. “That should be our busiest time, but this year is the worst one for us.”

However, their challenge is not restricted to the Coronavirus. When we got involved in other Chinese restaurants in Cardiff, there are still other struggles: how to balance the family and business, how to make the targeted customers satisfied and maintain their loyalty.

We interviewed four characteristic restaurants in Cardiff, namely, So Good, Riverside, Yang’s and Happy Lok Dinner (Red marks). We also mark other Chinese eateries on the map.