What can Singles do on Valentine’s Day?

No matter who are you are, speed dating is an interesting experience for this Valentines Day. For all the newbies, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about finding a partner on a speed date.

Dating ten men in one evening might sound odd to some and adventurous to others. Speed Dating is an event where you can meet a prospective partner in four minutes, talk a bit and then move on to the next person. Deciphering chemistry and compatibility in just four minutes can be scary and fun at the same time. With Valentines’ day approaching, we bring you a guide on how to find the right speed dating event, what to wear, what to say and how to make the most of the event.

What is speed dating?

Speed Dating is an organized courting process in which people seeking romantic relationships have a series of short conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there is mutual interest.

Unlike any other type of dating, speed dating allows you to see a number of people without any obligations. You don’t need a reason to reject someone or to move on because before you know it, the time is up. Additionally, you aren’t obliged to respond to any questions you aren’t comfortable with. Thanks to the confidentiality clause protecting privacy, no pictures are taken and no third parties who have not registered in advance are entertained. That means you don’t need to be afraid of being tagged in a random post on Facebook publicizing that you have attended a dating event.

Speed Dating – a chance to look out a budding relationship

Step 1 – Find a trusted dating event organiser

There are lots of dating companies around the city but you need to find one that has had some credible experiences in handling such events and to control any unforeseen happenings. Ditch or Date and Slow Dating are two organisations that we recommend. If you come across any other ones, make sure to check their event history, what kind of locations have they previously hosted those events in and how much are they charging. The usual rate is £15 so if someone is charging a bit less, you might consider it but if the difference is a lot, you may want to skip it to avoid the possibility of expensive grief.

Step 2 – Register yourself for the right event

Speed dating is not something only youngsters do. Today most of the organisations have dedicated events for particular age groups. So, even if you are between the age of 40-50, you have an event that you can go to. But make sure you register yourself at the right event and at a time that doesn’t clash with any of your other appointments. Ensure that you at least keep two hours free before the event starts to dress up and pamper yourself.

Step 3 – Get ready and go

Its natural to get nervous before the event but it is better to not think about it as if  ‘you are going to find the person to marry tonight’. Be mature and allow yourself to just enjoy an evening of fun even if it doesn’t go anywhere further. Wear a nice dress which you are comfortable in and go.

Just before you leave, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind before you set your foot into the event.


  1. Ask how much they earn, what car they drive or if they own a house.
    Remember you only have a few minutes. Get to know their personality and tastes more than anything else.
  2. Stare too much.
    No matter how good looking they are, they are not an eye candy that you will never come across all your life. Act natural.
  3. Get drunk.
    If you aren’t in your senses, how would you make sense of anything the other person says? Even if the drinks are free or on the other partner, it’s not a good time to avail the offer.
  4. Do all the talking.
    Nobody wants to hear a monologue.
  5. Take selfies with them and check in on Facebook.
    Note that this way you will be breaching the confidentiality clause and you might not want to ruin your first speed dating event by getting into a mess and embarrassing yourself.
  6. Overdo your attire.
    It is just a date and a speed date at that. You just have few minutes with each person. Why not impress your partner with your intellect or humour rather than distracting them with your excessive dressing?
  7. Check out the bartender or other people.
    Now this is the most ridiculous thing to do. Even if your partner is not interesting, in four minutes things will change. Don’t let your eyes wander.
Speed Dating don’ts


  1. Listen and engage in conversations rather than spending the entire time thinking if they would be your future husband/wife.
  2. Smile, breathe and behave normally. Relax yourself and just enjoy.
  3. Keep it upbeat and positive.
  4. Be kind to other people and the waiters. It is a good time to use all your ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s.
  5. Mirror their body language. If they lean, you lean. If they push back, you push back. It makes them feel that you are noticing their slight moves.
  6. Ask questions. Show that you are genuinely interested in knowing about them.
  7. Be yourself. Don’t try and put on a personality you aren’t. Be graceful at all times. After all, it is not the end of the world.

Keep this guide by your side and don’t sweat it — you are all set to go. Have fun!