What is it like running an online magazine?

Have you ever thought of running an online magazine? The founder of Adventure She will share her experience with you.

Jane Harries shares her experience of running the online magazine Adventure She.

Jane Harries, the founder of Adventure She magazine, talked about her adventure stories and has offered suggestions on how to run an online magazine.

Calling herself a “soft” adventurer, Jane shared her experience in She Talks Adventure, such as hiking over 650km along an old pilgrim trail from France and across northern Spain, and competed a six-day, 150-mile ultramarathon in the Sahara desert at her age of 50.

“I really want to share stories about other women,” Jane said. “When you think about history, there are so many stories about men, but how many people do we know in history as a women? Not so many.”

The Issue 8 of Adventure She tells stories such as skiing to the South Pole. -From Adventure She Magazine

Adventure She was launched in March 2018. The magazine has been quarterly released online for eight issues and the aim of it is to empower, educate and entertain by sharing women’s stories of adventure.

The biggest difficulty when initially running the magazine, according to Jane, is to decide the publication’s platform. She chose the online form because of the concern to be sustainable and environmental friendly. But whether to use other platforms or build her own website was a big issue that she needed to resolve first.

The most wonderful part, according to Jane, is being able to read lots of inspiring stories and get various splendid photos. Jane said she has seen photography with stories from Atlantic, Greenland, France, Sudan and many other places, which were so amazing.

“The reader don’t just read the adventure, they read afterwards feeling empowered to go out to do something by themself,” said Jane. “And that’s the general feedback: ‘Let’s go out and do stuff.’ ”

Jane Harries shares her adventure experience in Cardiff.

It’s not easy to run an online magazine, but Jane gave out several suggestions:

  1. Website: It has been really easy to build an online magazine and has been an easy fashion.
  2. Audience: Find your target audience and make sure they will spend the money if it’s going to be a subscription service.
  3. Revenue Stream: If it’s not a subscription magazine, find advertisers to support the business.
  4. Personal Investment: Decide how much time and efforts you are willing to put into it personally.
  5. Find the right authors: Encourage them and dare not to say no if their articles won’t work for your demographics.

Jane said everybody occasionally thought about changing the life target, but whenever she gets some idea, she would think about what she is passionate about and what she believes in.

“I believe in it. I will definitely keep going.”