Why British people ‘having less sex’ than previously?

Research shows that British people are having less sex now than in recent years. We asked the public about possible reasons for this trend.

Published on June 16, 2020 by Womanizer Toys  under the Unsplash License

Nearly a third of men and women have not had sex in the past month, says the British Medical Journal.

Are people simply going off sex? Apparently not.

In fact, 50% of women and nearly 60% of men in the latest survey said they would like to have more sex.

This desire was more often voiced by people who were married or living together as a couple, raising concern among researchers because regular sex is beneficial for people’s health, especially in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Wenwei Yu,23,Cardiff University Student

“Brits have so many ways of entertaining themselves now, and sex can only be one of them. The pub downstairs from my flat is often still very noisy at three or four o’clock, so I guess that they simply don’t have any other time to have sex.”

Ben Smith,35, Internet professional

“The vast majority of reasons are due to economies. After all, the financial cost of raising a child in the UK is just too high these days!”

Richard Harris,55, dentist

“It overwhelmingly depends on the mood of the woman, if she is unhappy she is certainly not willing to have sex with a man. My wife is in her 50s and we have a 16-year-old son and also keep it up a couple of times a week.”

Robert Moore,35, Rugby teacher

“I’ve explored this with my ex before, and the stressful life can be a big reason for this, for women there may also be issues with childcare. I used to have sex twice a week but now due to not having a sexual partner and not having sex.”

Pranav Joshi,22, restaurant owner

“For the British royal family must have the idea of succession, ordinary people do not have a family to inherit the throne, and now the cost of raising children is very high, it would be good to feed ourselves!”