Winter wonderland: the public safety is of the utmost importance

Cardiff’s winter Wonderland in 2019 has huge numbers of passengers, how to maintain a good order?

Fantastic elements of Cardiff’s winter wonderland in 2019, which attract large number of visitors and children.

This year’s Winter wonderland now is opening in city hall, Cardiff, from 8th November 2019 till 5th January 2020. With the expectation of a large number of visitors, how to safeguard visitors and children in this event becomes a consideration.

This event expects to welcome around 250,000 visitors during the Christmas season, with 65,000 taking to the ice in 2019.

A stand-out new feature of this year is the alpine ice trail, which has 250m long and the only one in the UK this year.

“I do worry about the safety problem,” said Emma, from Vietnam, “my kids love skating in the winter wonderland but every time they play those amusement equipments I am afraid that they may got injury .” 

Ice skating is one of the most popular items in Winter wonderland.

In 2014, a sky ride, named the sky swing of Cardiff’s Winter wonderland stopped operating in the mid-air because of electronic fault. Passengers were stuck about 20 mitres off the ground and left for 40 minutes.

After that, it was removed from the fairground attractions.

Clear rules of the event stands in the main entry.

Facial recognition technology was used for supervising the event and keeping a keen eye on protecting children alongside with uniformed police officers, PCSO teams and specially trained covert teams in 2018. 

As for the order in the wonderland, a security of the winter wonderland said “: if anybody needs help, they can weave their hands. We make sure nobody is running through with their bikes, for the children, and just keep the general line out.”