Voxpop: How do people in Cardiff think about tattoo?

An Australia girl went blind on November for three weeks after getting tattoo on her eyeballs. Except for the problem of security,news about tattoos on really visible body parts (like hands or face) can also cause a heated discussion. How do people in Cardiff think about tattoos on these body parts and tattoos in general? How do they define a “bad tattoo”?

Esther, student

“I think bad tattoos are the ones that represent something negative. If it expresses hates towards anyone of any part of the society, that’s wrong.

“(Tattoos on) eyeballs are too much. It’s scary. But if you already had it, or you want it, just go for it. But don’t expect to be accepted one hundred percent everywhere you go. ”

Josh, actor

“I get more conflicts than my colleagues who aren’t tattooed. Because I got short hair as well and piercing. People get this idea that I’m aggressive and I’m really not. I love tattoos. If people aren’t accepted of that, that’s their issue. I’m happy to explain to them, but I won’t make life choices differently because of them.”

Charlotte, student

“I don’t think it’s a problem. I also want to have a tattoo. I think it is a good thing for us to record something meaningful. In our college, teachers can have tattoos, but when they are in school, they have to wear long sleeves to cover it.

“In the past, most people (in China) would say that it(tattoo) meant people were bad. But it changes a lot now.”

Tom, software developer

“If they want, I won’t stop them. I’ll say I would use to (have certain first impression of people who have tattoos), but now I’m more open minded. I just grew up.”

Karen, retired

“There are a lot of them (who have tattoos on face and hands), but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I know the old generation do. To me tattoo should be something personal. On their hands I think it’s fine, but not the face. (Because) the first thing you would see is the tattoo, you wouldn’t see the person behind it.”