Pizza Pronto: More than a shipping container

Artisan Italian street food in the bay for a more than reasonable price

Walking along Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay you can’t help but notice the abundance and variety of food on offer, from many. Each establishment is a good place to eat in their own right but often very busy. However, there’s one place in the bay which is never too busy and hits the mark for good food, served fast, and at a reasonable price. What place is this you may ask? Well, let me introduce you to, Pizza Pronto.
Located on Bute Crescent, opposite Tesco Express, tucked away from the main area of the Quay is a beige shipping container. It doesn’t look like much from a passing glance but on further inspection is a hidden gem of the Bay, an artisan Italian street food takeaway.

Pizza and coffee

The menu consists of classic 8″ pizza’s, such as margarita and pepperoni, but also boasts unusual flavours such as the lemon meringue pizza! The prices are very reasonable and range from £3.50 for a margarita to £4.95 for the specials. However, Pizza Pronto doesn’t just do pizza, they also serve a breakfast and lunch menu which includes delights such as a sourdough ball with bacon (£3.25), alongside staples such as tea and coffee.
Lemon Meringue Pizza

Goat Cheese and Onion Pizza

One noteworthy thing about Pizza Pronto is their community action scheme, “eat one feed one”. This is a scheme which helps feed the vulnerable members of the community. Each time a pizza is ordered the customer has the option of paying an extra £1. The money goes towards helping to feed local homeless people meaning that this food not only tastes good but it is good for the community too.
For those of you who don’t live near the Bay, then don’t worry, Pizza Pronto has a second home in Penarth. This is the original and is located at the Kiosk on Stanwell Road. It is only open Friday through to Sunday but offers the same menu as the one in the bay.