6 things students should know before coming to Cardiff

Are you unsure what to do before heading to Cardiff? Then here’s a guide to things you need to know.

Cardiff city centre

After several months of waiting, the time has finally arrived. You have been offered a place to study in Cardiff, and now you can begin to prepare yourself for the big move.
Here are 6 tips from students studying at Cardiff University, they wish they have known before moving to Cardiff.


If you are opting for private accommodation, do not book in advance from your home country. Arrive into Cardiff, stay in a hotel/motel for a bit and find a suitable accommodation. There are plenty in the market. If you pay in advance, and if you don’t like the room upon your arrival, you will have to find a replacement before you can move out. The risk is too big to take especially if it is your first time in the city. We recommend the following websites for those looking for private accommodation: Rightmove, Student or Spareroom.

Food and grocery shopping

Eating healthy can keep you fit during you stay in Cardiff. There are lots of restaurants offering food from different countries, such as China and India.
For the students who live on a limited budget, it’s going to be of great help if you learn to cook when you are still with your parents, as cooking can be more economic and much healthier. Dishes learnt from parents can also comfort you when homesick.
Food prices hugely depend on where you shop. Among the supermarkets, Lidl and Aldi are known to be the cheapest. Cardiff Central Market can also be a great place to find fresh vegetable and newly baked pastry and breads for a cheap prices.

Visit Cardiff Bay and Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Bay is absolutely the best choice for you to get away from heavy study and noisy nightlife. Cardiff Bay will never let you down, and is a place where you can enjoy the fresh breeze and cozy sunshine, while still being in the city.
Situated in the city center, Cardiff Castle is perfect for a day out. If you live or work in Cardiff you can apply for a Castle Key, which gives you free admission to this world-class heritage attraction for 3 years. With only 15 minutes walk, it is the easiest way to get to know some knowledge about Welsh history while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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Enjoy the city centre

Get yourself used to one of the busiest cities in the country. Make sure you visit Queen St and the rest of Central Cardiff before enrolling. There’s always something going on in the capital, particularly on weekends. Whether its parades, protests or thousands of people hyping up about the rugby, the Cardiff City Centre is a place unlike any other in the UK. The summer is the best time to see the parks and gardens, so make sure you come to visit the city before you enrol.

Choose your course wisely

Before coming to Cardiff, ask yourself if you really want to study the course you’ve chosen. It’s important to ask yourself again and again, if this is really what you want. The most vital thing is whether you like the subject or not.
You can easily change the course even after getting the offer. If you’ve changed your mind, just send an e-mail and explain the reason to the university. Depending on the reason and vacancy, the university may allow you to change the course. But to avoid this, make sure you have chosen wisely the first time.

Have funds to travel around Wales

One of the best things about studying or living in Cardiff is the fact that stunning coastlines, great beaches, castles and mountains are all surrounding you. As great as Cardiff is, there’s nothing better than getting away from the city a while to enjoy some fresh air. Cardiff has everything a city could offer, while Wales has everything as a country. Wales offer every attraction possible to cater for students of all tastes. You should definitely make sure to have funds for travelling around Wales, when you’re in Cardiff to explore the beautiful country.
Top 5 places to visit when in Wales, while you’re studying in Cardiff:
– Snowdonia
– Brecon Beacons
– The Gower, Rhossili
– Conwy Castle
– Devils’ Bridge

Now all that’s left is to pack your bags. So get packing, and remember to look forward to a life-changing year in Cardiff.