Canton’s Christmas market: a paradise for artisans

The short Christmas market provides handcraft artists with a chance to showcase themselves and a good place for residents to buy the best Christmas gifts.

Nameplate of market

Canton is a thriving area for creative independents, several of Canton’s finest workshops, galleries, studios, pubs, and shops are pulling together to celebrate the best the neighborhood has to offer in this Christmas, such as Printmaker Angus Vasili, Artist Nuria Otte and Artist Sarah Dowling.

This is a collaborative event, organized by The Boneyard, Chapter and The Printhaus and will include The Christmas Makers Market and other interesting shops, and each venue will have their own unique offers as well as great entertainment and activities, it provides a chance for local artists to show their works and make friends.

“Not long after I arrived in Cardiff, although it does not provide free booths, I really like such community activities, because I can let more people see my works and efforts here, and at the same time, I can make more new friends who study art,” said Angus Vasili who is a printmaker based in York.

According to reports, many quality artists and makers who invest heavily in work hours and materials to lovingly produce their craft can’t afford to take the financial gamble of a fair, and most of the artists face the difficult challenge.

interesting hand-painted greeting cards

“Art is a creative process that takes time. We not only need to pay bills, but we also need to invest in the raw materials needed to create masterpieces. At the same time, we find it difficult to find buyers and sponsors who are really interested in art. If we don’t have enough income, there is no way to put it into the creation,” said Angus.

These artists can show their works here, and they can also bring their own tools and even the studio to the scene, which can be used by people who come to visit, not only to increase people’s participation in a handmade product. It also allows people to understand the art more and let them know the amount, energy and time it takes to make a piece of art.

Handmade t-shirt made on site

“I think it’s amazing and it’s great having homemade kind of products in it by small independent designers and manufacturers. I’m having access to that because rather than buying something from the mass-produced corporate place, you can actually buy you know locally produced locally designed individual pieces, “said James O’Brien who is a local visitor.