Cardiff family reunited with their cat after 3 months

A Cardiff family was reunited with their pet cat after losing all hope when she was over three months ago.

Seven-month-old Binx was separated from her family for three months after getting lost. (Picture Provided by Gavin Thomas)

A Cardiff family who had lost all hope of seeing their cat again were miraculously reunited with her thanks to a good samaritan.

The family of Gavin Thomas and their seven-month-old kitten, Binx were reunited after three months thanks to a Facebook post by a Dinas Powys resident, Liz.

Gavin Thomas said, “She’s such a sweet cat and very loving. She likes to cuddle up and she’s a shy cat, you know, not a street fighter in any way. We’ve got, three young children who all loved the cats and we were very, very, down and really upset because the cat was a part of the family.”

The make-shift shelter for Binx during her lost days, made by Liz. (Picture Provided by Gavin Thomas)

The Thomas family has two cats, with Binx being just 7 months old when she got lost.

The family had invested in expensive GPS collars, which enabled them to track the cats but Binx was unfortunately not wearing the collar when she got lost.

“Back in September, one day,  little Binx, she’s only a small cat, wanted to go outside and we let her out without her collar and that was that. We didn’t see her again, and it was the next day we really started to worry about her and thought, well, this is not good.

The family then started on with their mission to find their lost cat but to no avail.

“We started putting a leaflet together with her picture and posted that through maybe about 200-300, houses in Canton, where we live. We put some messages on Facebook, uh, to say, we’ve lost our cat, ‘Have you seen a cat?’. For the next two weeks, I would drive around the area, looking to see if I could see a little black and white cat, whether it was a stray somewhere, and nothing at all.”

The Thomas family feared the worst after their extensive search failed to find Binx.

Gavin Thomas said, “After a while, we really started to give up hope. I think, after about a month, we thought, well, that, that may be it. She may have been hit by a car or anything could have happened.”

It was then Charlotte, Gavin Thomas’ wife who saw a Facebook post with pictures of Binx, mentioning a timid cat and if someone had lost her.

Facebook appeal by Dinas Powys resident, Liz that reunited Thomas family with Binx. (Picture Provided by Gavin Thomas)

“Charlotte looked at the pictures, and we went, that’s Binx, that is her. We were messaging each other going, ‘do you think it’s her?’ and then everybody, the whole family said it’s her. That was the start of the little miracle,” said Thomas Gavin.

The Thomas family rushed to Dinas Powys resident to meet Liz.

“Oh, we got in the car and we drove up there and, it’s quite a long way and met Liz… and as soon as soon as the cat saw me, it went ‘Meow’. I don’t think she could believe it really. I knew instantly it was her,” said Thomas Gavin. “My daughter gave her some cat treats and she was purring away.”

“As soon as she was home, first of all, it was her meeting her brother again, which brought tears to my eyes and then, curled up on the sofa she ate two bowls of cat food. She was finally warm again and just wanted cuddles. She’s been very, very, happy.”

Both the cats in the Thomas family now wear GPS collars whenever outside, to ensure no cat gets lost again.