Flame-grilling the amazon: Burger King should shoulder the responsibility?

Cardiff Greenpeace’s flag was raised on Queen street, there is an ongoing battle between environmental enthusiasts and Burger King.

The community members show their cardboard writes ” Burger King flame-grilling the amazon” in front of the Burger King store

Cardiff Greenpeace in denounced burger king a fast-food giant linked to amazon fires and deforestation.

Saturday, at 11 am. Greenpeace activists gathered outside Burger King on Queen street. A rectangular cardboard sign writes “Burger King flame-grilling the amazon”, about six volunteers who are concerned about the world’s environment shows Burger King’s true record on deforestation to the customers and people passerby.

Bronach Johnston, the leader of Cardiff Greenpeace

Bronach Johnston, planned and organized this monthly event. “If Burger King doesn’t stop buying meat and soybeans from some companies, Amazon won’t stop burning,” he said.

In September, Greenpeace unfurled two 10 meters banners on the roof of burger king’s iconic restaurant in Leicester Square, London, reading “fast food fries forest” and “burger king flame-grilling amazon”, denouncing Burger King’s destruction of the Amazon forest.

Greenpeace climbers have appeared on the roof of Burger King’s iconic restaurant in London’s Leicester Square

This year, there are thousands of forest fires in the Amazon forest, which have destroyed many trees and threatened the lives of wildlife.

From January to August 2019, the number of fires increased by 145% over the same period in 2018, according to the National Institute for Space Studies in Paris.

Forest fires threaten the Amazon

The actions of Burger King’s soybean and meat suppliers are one of the main reasons for the destruction of the Brazilian forest. JBS and Marfrig, Brazil’s two biggest abattoirs, are to blame.

Although Burger King claims that the meat they sell comes from the UK and Ireland, most of the meat is still soy-based. Soya beans are the second biggest driving force of global deforestation, with most coming from Brazil and about 90% of it used for animal feed.

Greenpeace members regularly hold the event in Cardiff every month

“Our goal is to put pressure on Burger King to stop their cooperative partnership with those suppliers,” Bronach said. “At the same time, we also want to arouse consumers’ awareness of environmental protection through our actions.”

Bronach also looks into the power and influence of young people. “we call on more young people to join us and shoulder the responsibility of protecting our planet.”