Is it a good idea to introduce “banning order” on rugby match in Wales?

A rugby “banning order” was suggested to tackle the increasing poor behavior of some rugby fans. We asked people’s opinions about that.

People are gathering before the rugby match: Wales VS South Africa

A senior police officer presented his concern on the poor behaviors of drunk rugby fans happened last Saturday during Wales v New Zealand and call for further law change.

Mark Cleland, the Chief Inspector of British Transport Police (Wales) presented his support on introducing  “banning order”  on rugby match just like football according to Wales Online, it raised some debate.

“Football banning order” was introduced by Football Spectators Act 1989 to tackle increasing poor behaviors of fans by forbidding them to attend match or other football related activities

Some people presented their support on the ban.

“It’s more than one incident, lots of people have been upset.They (fans with poor behaviors) Should be banned from any other rugby match like footballers are.You cause trouble and you are Banned,” says Bellamaud in her comment on Wales Online.

On the other hand, Mark Davies, Director at Goldstone Lawyers from Swansea told Wales Online that “banning order” is too strict and need to be discussed carefully.

We asked rugby fans before another match Wales v South Africa last night.

Paul, manager of NHS

I heard about the poor behavior of drunk friends last Saturday, but the banning order is not necessary. Actually this issue has a long history since 1920’s, and I do not consider it as an incensing concern. Basically, most of the rugby fans behave well, single-case cannot be a reason to introduce such a ban.

Justin, police officer

I haven’t heard about the incident. I do not see a lot of cases about the poor behaviors of rugby fans. However, if there are evidences proof the trend of that, I would like to have the banning order.

Carol Thomas, company secretary

It is a good idea to ban those naughty fans from going in. I come with my family to enjoy it, and I truly don’t want those bad behaviors to affect my kid. Maybe just put more police in the stadium to arrest those people and punish them strictly.

Tirk, retired

We have drinking problem at stadium, and wine is always the fuel of those aggressive behaviors. I did heard that people are suggesting to put a alcohol ban in stadium, and I agree with that. You come here to enjoy the match but not for drinking, those people who do something bad should be banned to attend the match.

Janet, business consultant

Those behaviors are just terrible and shocking. I see the banning order as a good answer to tackle this increasing issue. I think the punishments currently are just not strict enough. Those rude people are not real fans and they are minority in the stadium, so the best way to save the reputation of rugby games is not allow them to go in.