Keeping up with the Cardiffians

Cardiff’s secret wonder, the delightful Roath Park Lake and surrounding Botanical Gardens.

Roath Park is one of Cardiff’s most popular parks, with its classic Victorian features and wide variety of facilities for your entertainment, ranging from rowing in the warmer months, to the children’s play area for your little ones and the particularly delicious ice cream kiosk that I for one frequent often.

The sheer natural beauty of the park can be lost on no one; the botanical gardens are an absolute delight during the summer and even now, during the autumn months have a rugged beauty akin to a winter meadow.

The plethora of benches throughout the gardens make it the perfect place to sit and enjoy a coffee while soaking up the pristine natural beauty within such an industrial city.


Due to the scale of greenery in such an urban place, Roath Park Gardens pull in masses of people for peaceful walks alone, with the kids, the dog or even for a spot of exercise without having to leave the city.


The Lake itself a true wonder within the city, the tower stands as sentinel over the lake and the wildlife that thrive there.


All manner of birds rely on the lake as a means of survival, swans, geese and ducks flock to the lake and provide year round entertainment for birdwatchers or anyone with a husk of bread.


Flora and fauna are not the only draw to the lakeside path, it is a perfect place to go for a walk or run at any time of day. The 3 km path is the perfect distance and the benches offer welcome respite, conveniently placed every few yards.


Pigeons seem markedly happier within the confines of the park, even when harassed by the local youths.

Overall, Roath Park Lake is a cornucopia of natural beauty at any time of year, the perfect place to relax and collect oneself in the heart of Cardiff.