Grangetown residents: design a new garden with Cardiff University students.

“We are inviting some local people who know the environment the best. They are able to give us some proposals and help us to build a perfect garden.”

Yutao Feng 24 (left), Huicong Meng 22 (middle) with their teacher Marie Dandova.

Grangetown residents have been sharing their ideas for the improvement of a local garden with architect students from Cardiff University.

It is a part of a project named Community Gateway project-Pavilion Elevation. It will deliver to the original location of Grangetown garden in next April. So they gathered at the community centre on Fair Saturday to discuss the plan.

“This workshop is aiming at engaging the community. To achieve this target, we are inviting some local people who know the environment the best. They are able to give us some proposals and help us to build a perfect garden,” says Marie, the leader teacher in this project.

Yutao is communicating with a local old lady.

“We are so proud that our designing will come true next April. One of the most exciting things is that residents in Grangetown will see its benefits because of our work,”  says Yutao Feng, one of the volunteer students.

“It will definitely benefit my children after it finished, especially for them. I’m thinking that perspective as they will have a safe place to go, they can do a lot of activities. Therefore, it could be a major improvement for my children. It is fair to say that it does not only benefit children, but also the community.” Said Ioana, who takes her children here to the Hub. They were planning to grab some books, but attracted by the event.

Ioana with her children: Antonia 8 (left) and Dominic 4.

Ali Abdi is 35 years old and working as a partnerships manager. He has been living here for several years. He says that “I came here today to find about getting involved in this project. I hope it could be sustainable in the community. 

“It will hugely benefit the Grangetown residents and community at large, because it will invite them to come in to enjoy the space. It is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly. That could be a good thing, so people  from other parts of area may come to see what Grangetown could offer.”

A Chinese student is showing the design drawing to Ali Abdi.
Ali picked up one favourite model designed by the team.

“It’s going to make a huge difference to the community. Everybody lives a busy style today and can’t focus on something like this event. It’s quite useful, as I could ask questions. Even though I am not an expert on architecture, I can see how everything is going to shape up . For me, this is certainly brilliant,” said Ioana, she is looking forward to seeing the local People enjoyed the new garden next year.