Secret Waterloo Garden in Cardiff

Many local residences would take their children and dogs go to the Waterloo Gardens in their spare time.

It is 3 PM, if you decide to take a walk in a quiet place, then the garden would definitely be the best choice. The father and son, the Fields, had have a really good time in the garden. Playing rugby with father is little George’s favorite thing.“Every week I would take George here and enjoy the time staying with him.” The father William said.

The father and son are playing rugby.

Little George is very shy and sweet.

Similarly, there is mother and daughter in the other side in garden.
Vanessa really excited about climbing a tree for the first time.

After the camp, the Waterloo garden is always the place where  Anna and her daughter Vanessa, this is the very first time for this lovely girl to climb a tree.
“I can totally forget the stress in daily life at this moment…” Anna said.
Looking Cardiff according to fruity red.

Autumn in Cardiff